Preserving the Legacy
The Carver Museum features an expansive collection of photographs chronicling the school's rich history.

Phase One of the Central-Carver Museum, which was completed in March of 2006, showcases the spirit of excellence and determination of Central-Carver High School administrators, instructors and students through archival information and an array of cultural activities. The Museum is located on the site of the former Carver High School.

The Museum meets community needs through activities designed to increase community involvement and pride. Activities will include tours, training, seminars, and special exhibits. The Museum encourages alumni participation in special events such as art exhibits, monthly observances, and local school events.

The first State Marker (pictured below) structured as a tribute to black history in Etowah County was installed on February 25, 2009, at the Carver site. State Representative Jack Page stated that "Carver High School was a focal point of the community and, although it's closed and the building no longer remains, it is important that we recognize, along with the generations that follow, where Carver was and the significance of Carver High School."

The first Alabama State Marker to tribute Black History at the Carver High School site in Etowah County.